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Your Local Search Results

Using local search gets you to page one of Google faster than ever before. We can get you there faster than you can alone.

How do we do that?

For a dentist in Manhattan, we streamlined his profile, clarified his keywords, and even with more than 107,000 competitors in his local market, he got to page one. And got a call from his search results in the first week.

In Tampa, the best pest control business became number one on Google the week after we optimized their local search, and their business is growing as a result. Every month we work on improving their results and they stay ahead of their competition.

…and there are dozens of other examples. Your business can benefit from this service, as well. Every month we work on your results, keeping you ahead of your competition every month and getting you the customers who most want to find you.

To get started now, click the link below that will get you to Google Page One, Guaranteed:

Your Options

Your local search program is an ongoing monthly program to make sure that you stay on top. Over time, your position improves as we keep posting reviews from your customers, watch trends in your area, and work with you to keep your content and site current.

Gold membership is our most popular option, with $297 for the first three months and $99 per month after, we create and optimize your Google profile, include content that you make available to us. We work with you to keep your profile current, add new reviews from your customers, and watch your local results to keep you ahead of the pack.

Platinum membership gives you all of the Gold membership services at an annual discounted rate. As a platinum member, you receive priority services to stay ahead of your competition and expand your business by being on top of local search results.

Charter membership is only for the first 50 business owners who become members. With Charter Membership, we will keep you on page one for two years, offering the same local search service and priority access of Platinum membership, plus additional special communications from the Get Found… and Profit┬áteam, including discounts on mobile marketing products and services.

Whichever service you choose you will have the best possible service delivered personally by the Get Found… and Profit┬áteam. As soon as you order, we will be in touch and get to work on your local search results. Guaranteed.

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Javier Ascarrunz August 26, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Which Membership did you have in mind?
You Have been spotted in a local eatery this morning.
The veggie omlette is fabulous.



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