How to Stay On Top of The Geotagging And Apps Trends That Smart Marketers Are Utilizing

by Mitch Carson on October 30, 2010

It seems that Colorado ski slopes have already embraced the importance of incorporating applications and Twitter into their marketing mix.  Skiers and snowboarders, by virtue of the demographic, are tech savvy and mobile-device users.  Owners of ski resorts have done their research and have responded as the new season lifts off.

Vail Resorts Inc. and Aspen Skiing Company are launching new apps and resort employees industrywide are also tweeting and posting on Facebook walls about snowfall reports and special deals.  These posts are not necessarily available elsewhere.  You could be missing out if you are not embracing these two social media channels.

“It’s definitely part of this trend of ‘marketing made personal,” said Melanie Mills, president and chief executive of the trade group Colorado Ski Country USA.  “Everyone is using technology to talk more directly with their guests and more individually to their guests.”

Vail Resorts Chief Executive Rob Katz says it’s taking the après ski tradition of swapping tales about an epic day on the mountain into the digital age, as visitors’ stats are touted online.

“One of our social media goals is to create customers who create other customers for us.” said Mike Slone, interactive director at Vail Resorts.

Ski software company RTP is beefing up the Realski iPhone application that acts as an interactive trail map for dozens of Northern American resorts.  Users look up a news iPhone to see a video image of whatever a skier is viewing on the mountain, and tags of nearby trails, restaurants and restrooms digitally pop up on the screen.  Realski is available this season, packs in more information. It also lets users take screen shots and geotag them.

Take a picture and geotag it, so that Realski can point the way back. Forgot where your car is parked?  Realski can lead you back with geotagging it.  The same applies to the glove that fell off.  Here’s the hitch for profit.  Realski is free, but the resort map costs 99 cents a piece.

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