The Busy Stay Busy

by Stephen Hultquist on August 17, 2010

Today as I sat on our covered patio here in Boulder, Colorado, I spoke with one of our customers about their experience with local search results. He is seeing a growth in new customers, and attributes it to his position on searches in his area for his services.

As we closed the conversation and I asked him for some of his materials to continue to improve his results, he said one of the classic metaphors of a busy person like, “I’m busier than a one-armed paper-hanger.” I don’t remember which one he used now a few hours later, but I knew what he meant.

You know what, though? He wants to be busy. He wants to stay busy and grow his business. Optimizing his local search results is helping him do just that, and he’s #1 in his area for a couple of key searches.

You have great products and great services, but it’s critical that you get found so people will know to buy them from you. It’s time to focus in on your local search optimization. Get your profiles built correctly (incorrect profiles can actually negatively impact your results!), include your key search terms in the fields, and populate your profile strategically for your long-term benefit. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is for you to be found by those people most likely to become your customers.

Then serve them well, collect their goodwill, and go capture more customers.

As you do, always keep an eye on the changing tides of the search engines’ approach to ranking your business in your key searches so that you can stay on the first page as close the top of the list as you can get.

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