How Marketing is Growing Up

by Stephen Hultquist on August 12, 2010

Yesterday as I sat in my office speaking with one of our clients, they talked about the new customers they have found since they began their local search process with us. They said a couple of very interesting things:

First, she mentioned that when her office asks new customers how they found their office, most frequently they would answer, “I don’t remember… Maybe on the Internet…?” Then, the office staff would ask further to try to find out where on the Internet, and invariably it would be with a local search on one of the major search engines.

Second, she told me that those new customers are great customers. They know what they are looking for, why they are there, and what it is about her that makes her the right provider for them.

How about you? Are you crankin’ up your local search. Now is the time to stake your claim to those results. It will get more difficult the longer you wait.

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