The Flow Back to Local

by Stephen Hultquist on July 24, 2010

Your Internet presence is part of the ebb and flow of traffic and the interest of those looking for what you offer. There is good news for you: The flow is turning back to local.

For some time, the first movers and bigger companies have been able to find ways to create a presence that people find quickly. Amazon is a perfect example. It’s virtually impossible to remember a time when you couldn’t buy practically anything through Amazon, but it was only started in 1994, and it wasn’t profitable until 2001. But now, they are a primary player, and many searches result in an result.

So, how do you compete?

Locally. The good news is that people are more interested in finding what they are looking for locally. As a result, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are returning local results at the top of the results list. In addition, companies like CitySearch, Yelp, and others are offering specialized local search so that you can get found.

Local is how you get found today. Get to it!

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